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  1. Sweet Dreams

    This little female is wore out after spending all day biting the ears and tails of the other pups.
  2. Whelping Day

    Brandy was exhausted. She whelped nine pups in just under two hours. The smallest was 12 oz, the largest 16 oz.
  3. First Salmon

    This was my first Salmon trip and I was lucky to catch 2. This was the Best! I'm hooked!
  4. Amos and Muskie!

    At least we beat the skunk that day! Good going Kevin!
  5. JJ 1st walleye

    Here is a picture of my sons first walleye
  6. First Turkey

    21.5#, 11 3/4" beard, 1 3/8" spurs
  7. bear

  8. First Real Steel

    Betsie River 12lb. 30" buck. 3-30-03
  9. Great times!

  10. May 2002 My First Steel

    Walked home in the rain. This is a hilarious picture but a great memory.
  11. first bow buck

    First buck shot with a bow.
  12. SeaCat - Jeremy

    Jeremy's first salmon - from Minneapolis, MN. area. Caught off St. Joe 9-7-02 aboard the SeaCat.
  13. Sydneys first fish

    Sydneys first fish. Caught on June 15th She is just under 3years old
  14. My first cat!

    My first catfish! Dewey lake, Prestonsburg, KY, 1977.
  15. opening day

    A big thanks to Esox for putting me on this baby! Can't say where we got it . I don't know the lake at all. What a rush and the best part is she lives to bite another day!
  16. My First Buck

    November 1969. My 1st buck. An 8-point oldie, but goodie.
81-97 of 97 Results