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  1. Deer Cam Pictures
    I was waiting for this doe to have her fawn. I was also wondering if this property had ANY bucks. Turns out, I got both when I pulled my card today: Pretty maids, all in a row: Fawn arrived! Spike! Fawn at the mineral lick: Bachelor Group! Hope to get out again this week to move the...
  2. Hunting Articles
    White tail deer, such as those found in abundance across all of Michigan, rut in the fall and winter which leads to thousands of cute little baby deer being born from late April to about mid-July of the following year. When born, these fawns will have a more reddish coat than their parents will...
  3. Hunting Articles
    As we near the 2012 trail camera season I have been spending a lot of time looking back at our 2011 pictures. We ended up with a few thousand pictures last year (I won't lie to you, I didn't sit down and count them all) and I have been going through and deleting the blurry shots, the half body...
  4. Doe with twins

    Another pic of doe with twins Manistee
  5. Newborn 6.16.10

    Late fawn in Manistee
  6. Dog & fawn

    Neighbors rescued a fawn from the local fox
  7. Havin' fun getting sniffed up close

    As mentioned in the earlier picture...The little Buck finally stood up and wobbled over to sniff my leg...enough of that, you've got a momma already. I moved off a distance, and he went back next to the little Doe. I watched mom come back in to them, then I went to get my wife. We came back to withi
  8. Fawn21

  9. Fawn12

  10. My entry, Doe with Fawn

    This is what life in the woods is all about. Simple, but kind of dark photo from a Moultrie 2.1. I am sure it would look a lot better with a new Cuddeback!
  11. Fawn peaking out

    We got to watch this little one grow up this summer. She is a calm, well developed big girl that has been eating very well. She really likes the hydrangeas...
  12. Fawn

    This fawn laid in our front yard all day, only 15 feet from the front door.
1-13 of 13 Results