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  1. Warm Water Fishing Inland LP Lakes
    Looking for some help. Going to be up in Lewiston for a week in Mid-Sept 2018, on a combo Bear Hunt, Grouse Upland Bird, and fishing trip. Going to bring my 17-foot Crestliner Fish Hawk, I fish a lot on Lake St. Clair and St. Clair River for walleyes, perch, and SM Bass downstate. What are the...
  2. East Bay Salmon 8-12-06, Traverse city

    blue hypnotist glow fly behind black with gold 3D pattern hootchie mama, ball at about 64ft.
  3. East Tawas State Park 3

    biking at East Tawas State Park. Don't expect a super long ride, just enough to kill an hour or so.
  4. East Tawas State Park 2

    another pic on the sand point at East Tawas State Park. If you go, you must hike out there -- a good 45 minute trek, mostly on a 10-30 foot wide strip off sand.
  5. Lk. St Clair perchies

    3/7/03, 11 and jeffereson, fished for 2 hrs, two guys, and 2 doz minnows, by 10 am they stopped bitting, didnt get another keeper the remainder of the day.
1-5 of 5 Results