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  1. Eagle

    bald eagle enjoying lunch on a small deer.
  2. Bald Eagle Fishing

    An eagle return to the nest with a large fresh fish - photographed 4/12/2008
  3. eagle close up

    eagle fly in trip
  4. eagle1

    had two adults and one juvinile (sp?) out eating a deer in the back yard today
  5. 2 bald eagles

    Took this photo 11/20/05 right behind the house.
  6. bald eagle on road kill fawn

    bald eagle on a road kill fawn taken 10/13 off US-45 north of M-28.
  7. SeaCat Catch 9-7-02

    4 Kings and 2 Coho caught on the SeaCat off St. Joe on 9-7-02
1-7 of 7 Results