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  1. LK Michigan Steel

    Here's my Brother-in-law Bill Mckibbin with a nice Steelhead he caught on a lemon/lime stinger on a rigger rod. This was the summer of 2000, and the Steelie's were stacked up in 50 FOW south of the St. Joseph piers.
  2. Hamlin Muskie

    I caught this 21 1/2LB Tiger Muskie on Hamlin Lake back in 1987. I was trolling a drop-off with flatlines in the rain when she nailed my Bagley's B3, I fought her for about 25 minutes on 8# stren. She wouldn't fit in the net, had to land her by hand, by myself. I had to hang this one on the wall!
  3. Hillbrown

    My partner in crime Chris Hill boated this 13# Brown on a yellow mag spoon on a rigger out from the port of Ludington in 2000
  4. doubleski

    I had this fish to the boat on 4/10 fireline when it broke off. Two hours later on the other side of the lake I hooked into him again on my other rod with a leader of 4LB stren, when we got him in the boat in saw my number 14 treble with a length of fireline in the corner of his mouth!! He was relea
  5. PM King

    I caught and released this king on an orange Oslo one September day on the PM river.
1-5 of 5 Results