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  1. 12/14/13 Doe down.

    Shot it with my Parker Tornado and 100g Slick tricks. Bolt went in just in front of the hind leg and lodge in the right shoulder. I could not pull the broad head out. Dropped here right there.
  2. the unit by itself

    Here is the whole fan. small enough so it fits under the vice without getting in the way...
  3. Down draft fan--Flat setup

    I just held part of a feather in front of it to give an idea of how it works.
  4. Down draft fan--vertical setup

    It also works by putting it directly under the hook...
  5. Down draft fan--Flat setup

    This is how I use it most of the time. It seems to catch all the feather parts and thread ends before the hit the table.
  6. Blind Down on LSC Boat

    Here it is with the blind down. Steering wheel needs more room.
  7. 8pt. buck

    this is my first deer! he was chasing a doe and was about 30 yds out..after pulling trigger three times and figuring the safety was still on..he was nice enough to hold the "pose" while i took the safety off so i could take my shot! he fell ten feet from where he was hit.
1-8 of 8 Results