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  1. Land Sale - Buy - Lease
    Up to 40 foot in Harbor Village close to big water. Slip 25. Looking for 1500 for the season. Great deal less than you would pay anywhere else on Lake Michigan. walking distance to lighthouse and pier. Coast guard station. Access to pool and hot tub.
  2. Warm Water Fishing Inland LP Lakes
    I'm in Toledo and just got permission from Dr to get in a boat so using buddies "Cartopper" I hope to get out and watch a bobber and maybe bring home a meal before ice. Problem....Where is a lake that docks stay in or stay in until ice over around SE Michigan? I cant use waders and a cane so...
  3. Homemade riverbank rod holder buckets

    Shown here are a pair of rod holder buckets that I made in my home workshop. They not only keep my rods and reels up and out of the dirt, but give me a place to keep my fish alive other than by using a stringer. I've yet to hook a fish that can move one of my 7 gallon buckets with 50 lbs of water
1-4 of 4 Results