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  1. Out of state hunts
    100s of acres available in Nodaway County Missouri for a group of 2-3 hunters on a 7 day bow hunt. Availability from Sept 15 to October 6. Hunters can go based on timing of a cold front. This is a DIY hunt. Open to allowing summer scouting, treestand placement and running cameras. $800 per...
  2. Out of state hunts
    Well, after reading some other awesome stories, figured I may as well start a thread to document mine. This isn't an extreme Alaskan or Canada backcountry hunt, but it is far from anything I've ever done before in my life. I'll try and not be too long winded and break apart some of the details...
  3. Darkhouse Spearing
    Would mild steel be suitable for making a spear? I have access to everything I’d need to make it and welders through my high school but mild steel can’t be hardened; not sure if that’d cause an issue with barbs bending or breaking off. And what material for the handle? Round stock, pipe, wood?
1-3 of 3 Results