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  1. Whitetail Deer Disease
  2. Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting
    Yesterday I shot this sick deer. I called the DNR and they sent an officer out to take the deer to Lansing for disease testing. I didn't get any meat from this deer so thought I would take the time and make a video. I think the shot and deer falling down is worth sharing anyways. Keep in...
  3. Warm Water Species Fishing
    I was fishing with my wife Saturday morning on a small lake near Curran, MI. While fishing we caught several large-mouth that had black spots like the one pictured. I did some searching on-line and it sounds like these black spots are a harmless discoloration called melanosis. I found it...
  4. Whitetail Deer Management
    Not wanting to start a feud, I'm trying to find the most peaceful solution; considering making a one-page flyer listing potential problems (ticks, lyme disease, CWD, ...) and dropping it in their mailbox. Any suggestions? Background: In a suburban neighborhood, most of my neighbors are cool...
  5. Hunting Articles
    Chronic Wasting Disease, which is also referred to as CWD, is bad news in the deer community. No one wants to stumble across and infected deer because simply seeing it is a clear indicator that CWD is on the move and has made it do your area. The disease itself is fatal to infected deer and is...
  6. CWD infected deer

    CWD infected animals can have normal antler growth.
  7. CWD carcass

    Emaciated carcass from a CWD infected animal.
  8. Captive elk with CWD

    Drooling and emaciation.
  9. Captive elk with CWD

    One of the symptoms of CWD is excessive drooling.
  10. CWD Prion

    This is a microscopic picture of prion accumulation (stained red)around neurons in the brain from a CWD infected animal.
1-10 of 10 Results