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  1. Warm Water Species Fishing
    Hi, I am new to the forum. I’m looking for a fishing partners I have a 16 foot Aluminum fishing boat. GPS fishfinder and trolling motor. im in a wheelchair, I have a lift to get in the boat Doesn’t take long at all. No other help needed. Looking to fish the rivers for walleye Thank you 🙏 Carl
  2. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    Hi everyone, I'm new to fishing the area. I grew up in the UP so it's a bit different down here. I don't have a boat so jigging plastics from shore has been my game. I've found enough info on general tackle techniques for the river to get me going (found some walleye and sheaphead in my limited...
  3. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    Little video I put together from last week. Few tips might help you on your next trip when the water is muddy. Took a little while to piece a solid pattern together. https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/fishtalkfishingreports/viewtopic.php?f=658&t=13774
  4. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    Anyone hear about the submarine or seen the submarine on the Detroit River while fishing? https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/fishtalkfishingreports/submarine-on-the-detroit-river-t13725.html
  5. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    Got out just before dusk on Friday night at Wyandotte. Started trolling and the action came fast, with lots of walleye action straight away. They really liked a diving shad bait, but I also got strikes on a deep tail dancer and larger shallow-running shad bait. Nothing big, fish running from...
  6. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    I've had the best walleye action ever this year, but only 2 pike so far, one of which just over a week ago may have still had eggs. Which was not so surprising, given the water temperature in the low 40s then. Usually I get more toothy critters trolling. Wonder what's up with that? But I...
  7. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    After re-rigging my boat from rowing mode to motor mode, including the painstaking process of completely re-rigging my electrics, so the one that can go full throttle in reverse was on the long leads to the double batteries in parallel, I decided to head out, even though it was rather late and I...
  8. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    Hello everyone, Let me start with a little background. I’ve been in the coast guard for 10 years and have served on the East coast, the Gulf, and the lakes of Michigan. My last few years I have been serving on the Lake St. Clair, Detroit river, and the west side of Lake Erie. I have seen...
  9. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    Hit the mid-river, trolling for ‘eyes, pike, or whatever else might crash the party Saturday afternoon -- which didn't feel much like a Saturday. Seems all the days are the same now. Finally broke through after a few outings that had been slow, to put it mildly; and got pretty much non-stop...
  10. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    Hello, I'm from Grand Rapids and got out on St. Clair River for the first time last year vertical jigging for walleye. It was probably mid April. We had a blast, so much so that a few buddies of mine and myself, all from Grand Rapids, are looking at heading over to the Detroit River around the...
  11. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    I've been doing this for a couple years and with a rainy morning I decided to throw this together while hunting clothes are in the scent-free wash and dry.
  12. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    Met up with some of my friends for a picnic on Belle Isle beach Saturday. Of course I packed a few fishing rods, a net, and a backpack with some basic baits and gear to do a little casting from shore to see what might be happening. After some swimming, hanging out, and tossing a football...
  13. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    Hi all, Does anyone know any guides that can takes a group of 5 on the detroit river for walleye. A friend of mine and his son are in town from Thailand this week and wanted to see if we can find something for friday(may 24). We might be willing to take two separate boats if the price is...
  14. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    Got out on the afternoon of Cinco de Mayo for some structure trolling mid-river, and managed a nice limit, including 3 in the 24 to 26 inch range, after losing lots of fish and dealing with many technical difficulties. Got about 6 or 7 altogether, and would definitely have caught the first that...
  15. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    Got out again in the afternoon, structure trolling the mid-river, with similar conditions and results to last Thursday. Started by losing a couple fish, then had some difficulty dialing in the pattern, which turned out to be a very, very tight pattern that took some effort to stay on, but was...
  16. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    Im looking to buy an outboard motor for a 13ft aluminum boat. Plan to go on small lakes/Detroit River on calm days. Any recomendations on hp?? (usually have 3 guys in the boat). Thx!!!
  17. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    Sunday, April 14, 2019 Heaviest Five (5) walleye combined - per team Cash Prize for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Fishing hours - 6:30 AM to 1:30 PM Shotgun start - 6:30 AM from Sinbad’s Weigh-in time - 2:00 PM at Sinbad’s Awards ceremony & catered lunch at 3:00PM Entry open to the public – capped at 75...
  18. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    Considering making the first trip out to the Detroit River Sunday. Wondering if anyone has any knowledge as to what launches are open Right now?
  19. Icefishing Lk. Erie, Detroit River
    I was driving around grosse ile today and noticed a TON of people out on gibraltar bay (south tip of grosse ile). Wondering if anybody is catching anything?? and how thick the ice is??
  20. Icefishing Lk. Erie, Detroit River
    Good day fellow sportsman. To keep this short, I moved back to Michigan this last year and want to get into the ice fishing game. I don’t have a lot of friends that Ice fish. I have a co worker that lives in the Pontiac area who is getting into it as well but we’re both newbies. I live in...
1-20 of 52 Results