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  1. Cold Water Species Fishing
    Im running 2 dipsys on each side and 1 planner board on each side. Just started big lake fishing not to long ago. I feel as though i have the right equipment but no luck other than a tangled mess. Any help would be apprecited guys! FYI- not looking to steal your fish just looking for friendly...
  2. 40 inch Musky Lake St Clair shipping channel 7/25/2008

    Fat musky about 40 inches long caught trolling a sucker finish Depth Raider in the shipping channel off St Clair Shores, about 30 ft of water, lure running at a depth of about 20 ft, about 4.5 mph. Ruler is 4ft.
  3. LJ Dipsy Depth Table

    Luhr Jensen depth charts for 01 and 03 (mag) size dipsy's
1-4 of 4 Results