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  1. Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting
    In this hunt we started exploring new ways to deploy scent and deer attractants. One thing we as hunters tend to forget is our beard. Yes a scent free shower helps, but in this video we demonstrate a new way to deploy high quality doe pee.
  2. Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting
    My buddy and his dad made this video at the end of last season. It is a tradition for them to always sit the last few days of the late season and stack up a couple does for the freezer. The shotgun work is amazing, I've never seen deer react after impact like these guys get in their video! The...
  3. General Michigan Hunting
    I just finished spending over a dozen days between bow, gun, and muzzleloader seasons deer hunting in the Ruby Creek / Four Corners area of Mason County and neighboring counties. I usually had a person with me on the trips and the deer sightings were minimal to non-existent. I can count them on...
1-3 of 3 Results