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  1. South East Michigan Streams and Rivers
    been fishing paint creek and Clinton river mostly with no luck at all. Has anyone had any luck this time of year?
  2. Cold Water Species Fishing
    Went to Sand Creek after work yesterday and managed to hook into two browns. Water was very low and very clear. Was only out for an hour, so I was satisfied! I have been here multiple times and last night was the first night I have caught anything. Has anyone had any luck recently that have...
  3. Cold Water Species Fishing
    Now, I know a title like the one above can cause quite a debate about the health and long-term quality of our fisheries here in the state of Michigan, and in fact, has been a highly argued point for much time now across the country. In some cases, we rely on fishermen to take fish from the...
  4. 18 inch brown

    18 inch Brown Trout from the White River
  5. Johnsons Drainage Brownies

    11" Brown Trout
  6. Johnsons Drainage Brownies

    10" Brown Trout

    My days keep on 2/28/07. What a way to finish off 07 license !
  8. morning creek

    The beaver pond/creek on our 40.
  9. Brown trout, Wyomissing Creek

    Brown trout I caught in our local park. He was about 10", caught on a meal worm.
  10. king

  11. Paint Creek brown

    Typical paint creek brown
  12. Paint Creek Brown #2

    Mike (Mickey) with Brown #2
  13. Paint Creek Brown 1

    Mike (Mickey) with trout #1
1-17 of 17 Results