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  1. Crayfish Trapping
    Hey guys, I'm a looking to get into crayfish/crawfish trapping. I've caught them by hand before, while camping with my family, and enjoyed the taste of em. I've had a hard time finding places (in the Holland area) that sell local crawfish, so I could make some more. I've looked into trapping...
  2. Crayfish Trapping
    Hey guys, I am a total newbie to crayfish trapping, I am located in east lansing. Can anyone tell me where to trap crayfishes for 2 people? And what should I use for baits? Thanks a lot!
  3. Crayfish Trapping
    I live in the Ada/Lowell area of Grand Rapids and I'm wondering if anyone has any good spots to trap crayfish? I've been trapping the Grand river and so far only caught three crayfish in about three weeks...Looking for more promising spots. I realize it's still a bit early and water temps are cold.
  4. Crayfish Trapping
    Made five wire traps Thursday night, put them out Friday morning and had them out all weekend (checked periodically) in the Grand River running through Ada/Lowell area. Traps were baited with beef liver and sardines. Only caught one tiny crayfish and sunfish in a trap with sardines in it. I...
  5. calico's

    calico crayfish
  6. calico's

    calico crayfish
  7. rusty

    rusty crayfish
  8. Near_Nuff

    Dave Whitlock's Near 'Nuff Cray (Crayfish Streamer)
  9. Crayfish Pattern

    Pattern tied by Jeremy Hunt for feathercraft.
  10. Crayfish Fly Pattern

    My second attempt
1-10 of 10 Results