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  1. Tackle Talk
    I tried doing more slip bobber fishing for panfish last year and really struggled with line not going through the bobber very well, specially when fishing in deeper water. I plan on getting all new line this year and would like suggestions for what works best or what has everyone had good...
  2. Slab Crappies 5-8-17

    A couple of slabs from a nice day on the lake in Michigan!
  3. Crappie Are Starting To Bite! 3/23/17

    Caught this beautiful Crappie on a Rapala Husky Jerk! The water is still cold, but the Crappie are beginning to get active.
  4. Big Crappie

    Caught this nice Black Crappie out of a private pond in Tennessee in February 2017!
  5. Nice mess of slab Crappies

    Nice mess of slab Claecos.
  6. True 12 inch Crappies(=:

    Nice mess of 12 inch Calecos. Got 22 in three hours. Lost 5 @ the boat)=:
  7. crappie's on pontoon

    crappie's on pontoon from Lime Lake, Hillsdale County.
  8. bucket of crappie's

    bucket of crappie's
  9. Saturday's Catch

    A little saturday morning crappie action...
  10. Kent Lake Crappies - 1-17-04

    Can't ever catch these guys during the day, but once darkness falls, they appear...
1-10 of 10 Results