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  1. Michigan Predator Hunting
    I'm looking for a little clarification on some regulations for coyote hunting. First off I'm new to coyote hunting but an experienced deer hunter. I've never hunted on HAP propery and I'm trying to figure out if HAP properties are considered private property or public land when applying hunting...
  2. Michigan Predator Hunting
    Wanted to share a cool story I had happen last Friday. Also maybe get some advice on where we went wrong. I have been coyote hunting for 3 years now but this is my first year doing it without someone else showing me the ropes and making my own setups hunting my own properties. The field we were...
  3. Michigan Predator Hunting
    We are hosting a predator tournament on February 8-9. Full details and registration is available at our website: http://www.spi-int.org/Events/CurrentEvents/PredatorTournament.html First place gets Savage Model 11 6.5 Creedmoor in the Kryptek camo with scope. Depending on the amount of teams...
  4. General Michigan Hunting
    Michigan Coyote Hunting Outdoors will be releasing the details for this seasons hunt soon taking place at the Jay's Sporting Goods in Clare. For information as soon as they are released please join us on the MCHO FB pages https://www.facebook.com/groups/549608518428778/...
  5. Michigan Predator Hunting
    Trying to understand rules for coyote hunting. Can I hunt coyote on State land, with base hunting license and or fur harvesters, shooting with a centerfire rifle .204 caliber, during the day? I know this should be easy but I do not work for NASA.
  6. Michigan Predator Hunting
    I am just getting into predator hunting and I feel like I don’t know what I’m doing for the most part. I’ve got the calls, light and gun but haven’t had any luck calling in any coyotes. Any tips and tricks would be really appreciated. Or if anyone wants to take me under their wing and teach me a...
  7. Michigan Predator Hunting
    Over past year we have coyotes taking over wooded areas surrounding our neighborhood, golf course, and local preschool. Am wondering if there are any volunteer or commercial services in the area that could assist in taking them out. Any thoughts/suggestions appreciated.
  8. Michigan Predator Hunting
    The NightSnipe NS550 Adjustable Beam kits are up on the website. Head over and take a look what we have for 2016! As always ask away if you have any questions! http://predatorhunteroutdoors.com/adjustable-beam-lights.htm
1-8 of 8 Results