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  1. Other
    My friend raises cattle and I bought some beef from him yesterday, anyways I have a cow tongue and I have never cooked one. Anyone have a good recipe?
  2. Sell - Buy - Trade Hunting and Fishing Goods
    Hi Everyone! We have All Natural, old-fashioned, Berkshire (Kurobuta) hogs going to the locker in August! It is $165 for 1/2 hog (About 85 pounds of pork) and $330 for a Whole hog (about 170 pounds of pork). You choose your cuts! Butterfly Chops, Center Cut Chops bacon, sausage, brats (garlic...
  3. Michigan Elk Hunt 2003

    My Cow laying at the bottom of the hill she was bedded on.
1-7 of 7 Results