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  1. Camping, Sight-seeing, Tourism, RVs
    Last week my wife and I made a trip to Colorado and hiked two 14ers, mountain peaks with 14,000 feet, or more, of elevation. We originally wanted to visit New Mexico, but they have an out-of-state visitor quarantine, and we didn't want to deal with the hassle. Then we thought about visiting...
  2. Out of state hunts
    Well, after reading some other awesome stories, figured I may as well start a thread to document mine. This isn't an extreme Alaskan or Canada backcountry hunt, but it is far from anything I've ever done before in my life. I'll try and not be too long winded and break apart some of the details...
  3. Out of state hunts
    Hey guys haven't been on here in a while but want to reach out to my fellow Michiganders for some help. First off obviously not looking for anyone secrets spots, but wondering if anyone has hunted Colorado Unit 31 or unit 70. I have spent countless hours on websites and google earth but it is...
  4. Colorado 07

  5. Elk Hunting in Colorado

    Elk hunting in Colorado, this was the highest peak in the area we were hunting, i believe its a 13'er. Saw a few Mulley's and 2 elk across a valley on the other slope, over 800 yrds, thats it, nothing bagged but if was a great trip nonetheless. Took this pic on a disposable camera (do you believe i
  6. Surgarite ranch overlook

    View from the top on the Sugarite ranch in Colorado. The land of big elk, mule deer, bears and turkey.
  7. tag team bull

    Our first bull elk was a team effort.Barry called it in and Dan and I shot it.
1-7 of 7 Results