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  1. Warm Water Species Fishing
    Going to be my first full year of bass fishing. Last year I targeted river smallies in early summer to early fall in the Saginaw area and Port Huron area. Also made some trips up to caseville and fished the bay around north island with some success. I’m now absolutely hooked and I’m itching to...
  2. General Discussion
    Anyone ever fish right there at the Milford Dam during the winter (not ice fishing)? And if so what seemed to work best? I'm taking my nephew there tomorrow since the ice is not thick enough to ice fish and I know there will be open water there. Any tips or suggestions would be much appreciated!
  3. Cold Water Species Fishing
    Now, I know a title like the one above can cause quite a debate about the health and long-term quality of our fisheries here in the state of Michigan, and in fact, has been a highly argued point for much time now across the country. In some cases, we rely on fishermen to take fish from the...
1-3 of 3 Results