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  1. Big Lake Cold Water Fishing Reports
    Im almost done with my exams (Finance) and I was thinking of taking my boat up to the Grand Marais area to do some fishing (lake trout and coho). From what Ive heard the best bet is to troll 30-60 ft with a flasher and spin n glow. But Ive also seen that pink and orange spoons as well as...
  2. Upper Peninsula Michigan Streams and Rivers
    Heading to the UP this weekend and was hoping to find some trout, steelhead or salmon surf casting the rivermouths. Am I too late or too early? Definitely headed to the north shore. Any advice would be welcome. Am mostly thinking about west of Munising. Thanks in advance and cheers!
  3. Big Lake Cold Water Fishing Reports
    First time to launch at the Platte River for me. I want to launch and run out to the lake to jig and troll. I'm thinking of just using my 16ft boat with a 50hp engine for the first attempt of getting over the sand bar at the end. Will I have any trouble making it out? Drafts about 1.5 ft...
  4. Lk. St. Clair and St. Clair River
    Had some luck on my side yestrrday. Hit buddys dock from 745-930 last night til the rain got too hard. Tried a new yellow and orange daredevle and it paid off. Caught a lil coho 10 mins in then 15 mins later bonked a big old greaser. Got 2 walleye a bit later on a twister.
  5. Big Lake Cold Water Fishing Reports
    Reports from last week showed further south still producing better than my planned run to St Joe so we put in Saturday morning at New Buffalo. We drove across the state in a steady rain but it stopped a few miles before hitting the launch. We somehow got to fish for a few hours without a drop of...
  6. General Discussion
    Hey Everyone, Need help fishing the UP in 2019 I plan on spending some time in the Michigan UP this summer, after the annual July 4th family get together at my properties on Lake Huron in Port Hope. I haven't been in the UP, since my 4 sisters, dad and mom camped there as a family 50+ years ago...
  7. Upper Peninsula Michigan Streams and Rivers
    We have had some awesome weather this year in the U.P. and our rivers remain ice free for the most part and the trout bite has been on more often than not. I have been staying pretty local this year and concentrating on mostly "euro nymphing". It feels pretty familiar after using the always...
  8. Fishing Stuff
    This spring for Steelhead season we are offering bulk eggs and tied sacks shipped to your door via priority mail. We have a variety of cures and colors to choose from just send us a message with what you want and we can put a package together.This is not your run of the mill gas station spawn...
  9. General Discussion
    The comment period closes on JANUARY 15th! There has been some discussion on this topic over in the Cold Water Species Fishing board as well, so check there as we might have already answered your question. If not, please feel free to ask questions here- If you fish Platte Bay for any species...
  10. Big Lake Cold Water Fishing Reports
    If you fish Platte Bay for any species of fish, please take a second to read through this proposal and submit comments to the National Park Service on this issue. The Park Service has made it clear that they are looking for any factual and constructive input from the public- so please make sure...
  11. Coho Salmon

  12. Cleaning Coho

    Cleaning the Coho with Maxemus 11.11.07
  13. Coho 11.11.07

    Small yet tasty Coho taken with Maxemus on 11.11.07
  14. Andrea's first coho - South Haven

    Cold and nasty day in South Haven, but Andrea landed her first coho. Took a red oahe reef runner 4' back and 6' down.
  15. grand coho 10-2-04

    dime bright hen coho taken at 6th st 25", 5#
  16. Grand coho

    5 1/2 lb. coho caught in the boils at 6th st. in early Oct. 03. Love those fresh ones!
  17. Big Man coho 11-16

    Male coho caught below Tippy on 11-16-03. Would guess 8-10 lbs. Pretty mean looking fish. First red coho I've ever caught. Wasn't crusty either! Fought real hard, fun on a 10 1/2' noodle!
  18. SeaCat Catch 9-7-02

    4 Kings and 2 Coho caught on the SeaCat off St. Joe on 9-7-02
1-20 of 22 Results