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clinton river

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  1. South East Michigan Streams and Rivers
    I'm basically completely new to fishing so I thought that I would try my luck out on this year's sucker run. I've seen some info on the conditions up at omer but couldn't find anything on the Clinton. I would just like to ask if anyone has been on the Clinton recently and if the suckers ran has...
  2. South East Michigan Streams and Rivers
    Alright so I know this is a little bit of a loaded post, but I do have quite a few things to figure out about this river. I just moved to Harrison Township. My house is right on the Clinton river (near South River and Bridgeview St.) I’ll be getting a boat this winter, but for now I need to...
  3. South East Michigan Streams and Rivers
    I’ve been out once or twice this year and haven’t seen anything yet but things should start to turn on any day now. I wanted to know if any one has seen or caught any steelies yet this year in the Clinton? I fish at Yates and River bend mostly but I know a few other spots, any info would be...
  4. Warm Water Species Fishing
    Hey fellas, I've been on this site for about a month or two however not new to fishing. I've fished the majority of lakes in southeastern Michigan and I know there's a lot of lines that get tossed in the Clinton every year. Yesterday was one of my first times out on the Clinton (dodge park) and...
1-4 of 4 Results