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  1. Warm Water Fishing Inland LP Lakes
    Hey ya'll...I am a bowhunter, but I'm looking to get into fishing. I never really was taken as a kid, and so as I transitioned into adult life I never had much interest. Now my wife wants to start going, and I am looking for something to do year round, as hunting only takes a few months of my...
  2. Warm Water Species Fishing
    I’m looking for some spots to do some fishing near cmu. I’m primarily looking to shore fish for pike and bass and want to know if there’s any good spots to cast near cmu. My gf a Will be with me and I want to put her on some fish. I don’t have my kayak with me so I’m restricted to shore fishing...
  3. Warm Water Species Fishing
    Howdy, y'all. I am not looking to get anybody's secret spots. Just point me in the proper direction. I am looking to fish the Maple River this summer for catfish. Should I go downriver towards Muir? or stay near Maple Rapids? I've spent much of my time over the years on other rivers. Not so much...
1-3 of 3 Results