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  1. Bow Fishing
    Just moved to Wixom. Really excited to continue exploring all of the local waterways. In my couple of ventures so far, I have seen some healthy numbers of carp and some solid 15+ pounders. Wondering if there are any smalltown tournaments that anyone knows of. I will be exploring this myself...
  2. Fishing Stuff
    Looking for a pair of carp rods, preferably nothing too expensive. Grand Blanc areas, but can travel.
  3. My First Carp

    Last Fall I caught my first ever Carp! Thanks to my friend Kevin for getting me in on the action. Strong fighters!
  4. Bow Fishing
    Went out tonight with a buddy on Wabasis Lake in Kent County and saw more Gar than i've ever seen. There were so many it was hard to decide which one to shoot. Biggest of the night was a 36". No carp in the lake but lots of Gar and Dogfish. Overall we got four Dogfish and eight Gar. Definitely a...
  5. Lk. St. Clair and St. Clair River
    Want to catch big fish like muskies, pike, bass, 'eyes, and carp on the fly? We have the info for you! Lake St.Clair Muskies Inc. Chapter 58 is having a presentation by Capt. Brian Meszaros of Great Lakes Flyfishing at our meeting on Thursday, February 25th at the Sports Channel, located at...
  6. A larger of the carp Nikki shot at the bay city Tourney

    Nikki has been shooting in the bay city tourney annually for 15 years. She literally never has time to practice, but nearly always does great! Now, I get the pleasure of introducing her to fishing. She has really loved it so far! I am working hard to facilitate her catching her first Steelhead, but
  7. Ford lake

  8. Ford lake

  9. IMG_3452

1-20 of 65 Results