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  1. 2010 Alaskan Caribou

    2010 Alaskan Caribou DIY Hunt
  2. Headed south loaded with caribou!

    On our way home hauling 4 caribou - only 1200 miles before we hit da Soo!
  3. My brother's 07 N Quebec bull caribou

    My bro killed this one while I was taking care of my first Quebec bull nearby
  4. My first Quebec Caribou

    Shot this bull Dec 1 '07 at 80 yards with my Tikka 7mm Rem Mag - flash frozen for the freezer at 10 below!
  5. Mature bull caribou with antlers dropped

    Migrating N Quebec caribou who's lost his antlers - Dec 2 '07. We saw very few like this out of hundreds and hundreds of animals
  6. Caribou on Ice

    A group of caribou cross the ice during the winter migration in N Quebec
  7. Federal Fusion on Caribou

    Federal Fusion 150 grain used on Caribou in N Quebec
  8. My Bro's Caribou

    Quebec Caribou taken during hunt at Mirage Outfitters
  9. duma and ben

    Two of the fellas that I went hunting with. Duma shot two one of which is seen in this picture. His son is in grade school, but we only rode out maybe 15 miles one way on a mild morning.
  10. caribou bull

    This is my biggest bull in the five years I have been hunting caribou... My general rule is what my dad taught me when I used to live in Michigan... "If its brown, its down." Meat's meat and you can't eat the antlers. Wish there had been room on the sled for these though. Maybe next yea
  11. My 1st Caribou

    They say that shooting caribou is like shooting fish in a bucket. Well, I never hunted so hard in my life. 7 miles of walking and on the fourth day.........It was a really big bucket with hardly any fish in it.
  12. Mountain Caribou

    Mountain Caribou Spatzisi, British Columbia 1993 Outfitter: Collingwood Bros.
  13. Caribou- Labrador

    One of two caribou taken in August of 2000 in the beautiful wilds of Labrador. He was taken with my custom Mauser 30.06 Springfield, Nosler 165gr BT at 75 yards.
1-13 of 13 Results