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  1. Big Lake Cold Water Fishing Reports
    Gents ... Just moved back to Michigan (Frankfort area) after 35+ years living & working in NJ. I have a 19' Robalo CC and a 16' Stealthcraft PD, neither of which is outfitted with down riggers and related big lake gear. But I am interested in the early spring stick bait/trolling fishery for...
  2. brookies and  browns

    brookies and browns

    brookies and browns
  3. downriver browns

    downriver browns

    I never would have believed it if i had not seen it with my own eyes. I caught these beauties yesterday along with a nice steelhead which I returned to the river caught them rolling minnows on the bottom. Gibralter area detroit river. i i caught these beauties yesterday
  4. 12-3 browns

    12-3 browns

    A.S with his ten pound male
  5. using crickets

    using crickets

    fathers days weedend just got down there and this dude lands this nice brown
  6. fathers day weekend

    fathers day weekend

  7. float fishing for browns

    float fishing for browns

    float fishing with ernie
  8. 6-4 browns

    6-4 browns

    Browns my dad got at PA on 6-4 and also a alwive that they are feeding on.
  9. browns2


  10. 18lb and 14lb browns

    18lb and 14lb browns

  11. 3 browns opening day

    3 browns opening day

    I caught these 3 browns out of 3 mile creek in the Upper Penninsula.