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  1. Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting
    One of the finds (unfortunately no recent deer sign) on a scout into hardwood stand Friday evening has me stumped. Been searching animal track publications for the last two days and my best guess on this is an oversized Bobcat or a small / young Canadian Lynx with only three toes. The...
  2. Michigan Predator Hunting
    My buddy and I would like to get into hunting coyotes and are extremely green when it comes to this. He has 80 acres of hardwoods and we have the firearms. What do we need? Bait? Scopes? Calls? Etc. He has a permanent blind and we have seen some nice coyote photos over a gut pile this...
  3. nice cat pic

    this was taken from one of my stands in Manistee county
  4. image226

  5. image225

    Friends Bobcat during deer 2013
  6. pho_logo_hires_-_Copy_75_-_Copy

    Predator Hunter Outdoors.com Romeo, Michigan
  7. bobcat

  8. Bob Cat

    Spot @ Interlochen, Mi on 31 about two miles west of 137..
  9. cat 3

    32 lb. male bobcat shot in West Branch
  10. Cat 1

    32 lb. male bobcat shot in West Branch
  11. cat

    Me and my sons first cat that we trapped, Took us some time to get it back but what a great job
  12. Camtraker Bobcat

    This photo was taken by my camtraker this spring
  13. Bobcat2

    another cat I trapped winter 2001
  14. BOBCAT 2000

    bobcat i trapped in fall 2001
  15. Bobcat

    I called in this 32# cat and made a 200yard shot in Jan. 2000
1-17 of 17 Results