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  1. Tackle Talk
    Who else uses these?
  2. Fishing Stuff
    GO Steer It Fishing www.SteerItFishing.com
  3. Tackle Talk
    I tried doing more slip bobber fishing for panfish last year and really struggled with line not going through the bobber very well, specially when fishing in deeper water. I plan on getting all new line this year and would like suggestions for what works best or what has everyone had good...
  4. BulletBobbers

    New Patent - Castable mini planer boards that reverse direction when given a little tug. Video @ www.bulletbobb.com
  5. BulletBobbers

    Starter display box contains 36, 12 of each size @ $49.95. The only bobber with planing direction control. Best Trout & Salmon bobber ever made. www.bulletbobber.com
  6. BulletBobbers

    New Patent Castable Mini Planer Boards that flip direction and color when given a little tug. www.bulletbobber.com
1-6 of 6 Results