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  1. Sell - Buy - Trade Hunting and Fishing Goods
    Looking to selling our 300#+ full-body bear mount. Our living room is too small for this big ole bruin. Price is negotiable but the asking price is $1600 which is not half what it cost. 1. Inquiries must include your full name, city, and email. 2. We will only use PayPal. 3. You are responsible...
  2. General Michigan Hunting
    Bear hunting in this great state is an all time high for guys like myself and family members. Last season my brother got it done after going out time and again waiting for the right bear. Luckily, he ended up getting 2 cracks and the same beast a few weeks apart.
  3. MichiganBear.com
    My brother was hunting Alger County last season. He hit a major sweet tooth on a big boar. It was constantly showing up on camera and he had his chance early on. Unfortunately he didn't capitalize, but luck happened to be on his side later that season.
  4. Hunting Articles
    Grandmas are some of the greatest people you will ever have in your life. Many of us have sweet memories of growing up with our grandmothers. They spoiled us rotten and hooked us up with all the good stuff our parents may have prohibited and they got away with it because, well, how can you be...
  5. Hunting Articles
    The only bear species of bear found in Michigan is the black bear and if you're interested in learning about hunting one, good news is coming your way. Coming soon to the cities of Escanaba and Cadillac are bear hunting clinics that will be put on by the Department of Natural Resources. It is...
1-5 of 5 Results