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  1. North West Michigan Streams and Rivers
    Hey guys, I know my way around the lower portion of Betsie pretty well but can anyone help me with some access points above the dam(upper portion of the river) where I could launch my small drift boat? Thanks!
  2. Salmon

    Salmon from the betsie, caught last weekend of September on a mepps dressed #3 aglia
  3. betsie

  4. betsie

  5. betsie

  6. salmon

  7. summer chin!

    got this lady on yarn on August 30! Wrapped me in a log jam on her last run but came belly up 20 yds upstream. Thank God for Ultragreen
  8. !st Steelhead

    April 1971, My 1st Betsie R. Steely & 1st born - both beauties.
1-10 of 10 Results