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  1. Hunting Stuff
    Have a ravin r9 for sale in predator camo. Comes with a ravin soft case, 3 new lighted nock ravin bolts, 6 regular ravin bolts, brand new 125 grain deadmeat broadheads. Shoots great. Killed a few deer with it. But want to go back to compound bows for the challenge. Scope covers were busted on it...
    $1,150 USD
  2. Hunting Stuff
    A bearly used Super Kodiak. 60# at 28". This bow has obviously seen very little use. Neighbor was hard up for money so I helped them out. Although I like the bow, it is just a bit short on the draw for me.
    $550 USD
  3. Hunting Stuff
    No Longer Available I tagged out on 9/12 so I'll offer my feed barrel for what I have into it, $50. 55 gal steel drum with locking lid and 36 - 1" holes. Eye bolt installed for chaining to a tree. Chain not included. Legal in MI on private property only and works great with granola, candycorn...
    $50 USD
  4. MichiganBear.com
    I know this is short notice but I had some plans change and am now looking a bear guide for Amasa 3rd period. I am looking for a guide that does baiting rather than dogs. Are there are any reputable guides available that are not already booked?
  5. MichiganBear.com
    New bear hunter and Troll here. Headed up to check out and possibly bait a spot I E-scouted some miles northwest of Trout Lake this weekend for a late season Newberry BMU hunt. Does anyone have any hunting experience in the Trout Lake area? I've heard rumors of small bears and lots of dogs. Just...
  6. MichiganBear.com
    Curious to know if anyone has dealt with or has heard of someone willing to help bait during the middle of the week? I can try but it would be during the prime time of the afternoon to be in the woods and putting out food. Not sure if that is a grand plan going forward. I do not want to spook...
  7. MichiganBear.com
    I was hoping to get some recommendations on a bear guide for 2021. I have 8 points right now and i was looking at pulling red oak. I am open to public and private land, really need someone to bait and get on the bears. I wont have time to drive up very much. Thanks
  8. Land Sale - Buy - Lease
    The quality of hunting in Northern Michigan is legendary and Manton/Cadillac area offers some particularly unique advantages. Whitetail Deer hunters flock to this area for bow hunting, rifle and muzzle loading seasons, and are rarely disappointed. Black Bear is also included in the big-game list...
  9. MichiganBear.com
    I know this is a newbie question but I will be doing this on my own. Knowing full well that bears are not everywhere up in Northern Michigan, not the UP, is it any thick swamp, dive in? Look for bear droppings, footprints, scratch/marked up trees, or even better, a bear standing in those...
  10. General Michigan Hunting
    The problem with fall is the cascading game seasons. It starts off with bear, then adds small game, then waterfowl (I'm not really clear on when water fowl starts). Next comes archery deer, then trapping. Finally firearms deer, then muzzle loading deer. Few can participate in all that they...
  11. Deer Cam Pictures
    I thought some of you might find this video interesting. It's from my family's property north of Rapid River, near Rock. Are you UP hunters starting to see more deer this year? Our property seems to be getting a bit, better, but wolf populations are still high and deer seem low.
  12. MichiganBear.com
    Took me 9-years finally draw a Red Oak Bear Tag. Buddy has some private ground, set-up treestand 15-feet up, 25-yards from bait site. Have three bears already coming in. How do I judge a shooter bear? I am told to look for: Bear should be a least 36 inches tall at shoulder, Head should be Blocky...
  13. MichiganBear.com
    A good friend of ours is a local fire fighter in the UP. He was sent out West for 2 weeks to fight fires out there. He loves to hunt and has been running bait since it opened up and on his first sit September 10th he took down a giant. It was 9yrs since his last tag, and he sure made it count!
  14. Out of state hunts
    Now that most Ontario Bear Hunts are done... anyone one care to suggest an outfitter for 2018? Maybe a short synopsis of your hunt, date and method of hunt, and anything else you would like to add. Myself...Ive been Canada bear hunting 4 times. 2x saw no bears, 1x passed on small one...
  15. General Michigan Hunting
    Bear hunting in this great state is an all time high for guys like myself and family members. Last season my brother got it done after going out time and again waiting for the right bear. Luckily, he ended up getting 2 cracks and the same beast a few weeks apart.
  16. MichiganBear.com
    Last season my brother was filming a good buddy of his take down his first Michigan black bear. They didn't have to go to far, he has his own private land where he was able to take a nice buck and a bear off his property. UP sportsmen's dream!
  17. MichiganBear.com
    We have been putting in for our bear points and currently have 4. Never really did much research on hunting bear in our home state but thought we might want to do it someday so got the points. My dad just retired and it looks like we could have a chance at a Carney 1st period hunt if we put in...
  18. MichiganBear.com
    I have a few for sale in great condition.
  19. General Michigan Hunting
    This will make your blood boil. A 500 pound bruin was killed and left for dead near Kalkaska. This magnificent bear would have been someone's once-in-a-lifetime trophy, but some yahoo had to kill it illegally and left it to rot. I hope they catch him and give him the book. I'd put this scum in...
1-20 of 128 Results