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  1. MichiganBear.com
    Check out this podcast on the Bear Hunting Podcast about a DIY bait hunt a guy did from the SLP to the western UP. Him and his buddy were successful shooting some really nice bears, including a 350lber. Lots of really good information in here for anyone looking to do a longe range DIY hunt like...
  2. MichiganBear.com
    I know this is a newbie question but I will be doing this on my own. Knowing full well that bears are not everywhere up in Northern Michigan, not the UP, is it any thick swamp, dive in? Look for bear droppings, footprints, scratch/marked up trees, or even better, a bear standing in those...
  3. MichiganBear.com
    My brother and I both drew tags this year for 1st period Baraga. We are looking for a good guide service that is reliable and honest. Can anyone steer us in the right direction?
  4. Archery
    I just got back from Chapleau and shot a gorgeous spring bear with my bow. If you haven’t been and are interested in going, all of my videos are start to finish and cover the whole experience from the drive to lodging to the hunt. The lodging was great and the fishing was a fun bonus also. I...
  5. Out of state hunts
    I just got back home to southern Michigan from my trip to Chapleau. Some pretty Big bears and a lot of area to hunt. Outfitter was great. Fishing was fun also. Check out my video if you are interested in going. I film the whole trip start to finish and post them on my YouTube page. Thanks!
  6. MichiganBear.com
    A good friend of ours is a local fire fighter in the UP. He was sent out West for 2 weeks to fight fires out there. He loves to hunt and has been running bait since it opened up and on his first sit September 10th he took down a giant. It was 9yrs since his last tag, and he sure made it count!
  7. MichiganBear.com
    My brother was hunting Alger County last season. He hit a major sweet tooth on a big boar. It was constantly showing up on camera and he had his chance early on. Unfortunately he didn't capitalize, but luck happened to be on his side later that season.
  8. MichiganBear.com
    Last season my brother was filming a good buddy of his take down his first Michigan black bear. They didn't have to go to far, he has his own private land where he was able to take a nice buck and a bear off his property. UP sportsmen's dream!
  9. MichiganBear.com
    If you listen to podcasts and are interested in Bear Hunting you'll probably like this podcast. I figured I'd share. Tons of Michigan specific hunting information. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/bear-hunting-podcast/id1189997064...
  10. MichiganBear.com
    I would like to go bear hunting this fall, but I do not have any "connections" or groups to go with. I happen to be Visually Impaired and hunt with a partner and a laser sight. I am pretty dependent on others to get me where I need to go. I would imagine my best bet is to sign up with an...
1-10 of 10 Results