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  1. MichiganBear.com
    Curious to know if anyone has dealt with or has heard of someone willing to help bait during the middle of the week? I can try but it would be during the prime time of the afternoon to be in the woods and putting out food. Not sure if that is a grand plan going forward. I do not want to spook...
  2. MichiganBear.com
    A good friend of ours is a local fire fighter in the UP. He was sent out West for 2 weeks to fight fires out there. He loves to hunt and has been running bait since it opened up and on his first sit September 10th he took down a giant. It was 9yrs since his last tag, and he sure made it count!
  3. General Michigan Hunting
    Bear hunting in this great state is an all time high for guys like myself and family members. Last season my brother got it done after going out time and again waiting for the right bear. Luckily, he ended up getting 2 cracks and the same beast a few weeks apart.
  4. MichiganBear.com
    My brother was hunting Alger County last season. He hit a major sweet tooth on a big boar. It was constantly showing up on camera and he had his chance early on. Unfortunately he didn't capitalize, but luck happened to be on his side later that season.
  5. MichiganBear.com
    I have a few pallets of old venison meat and venison pot pies available for anyone that wants to try as bait...(long story; former food company startup that's no longer in business). Figured perhaps it'd be worth using for bear bait(??). I'm not a bear hunter myself so trying to find a way to...
1-5 of 5 Results