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  1. Tips and Tricks
    My buddy in Florida told me I could fix fishing lures with a hair dryer. I was skeptical until I tried it for myself. How to Restore Old Paint on Fishing Lures
  2. Warm Water Fishing Inland LP Lakes
    I was finally able to get in the first fishing trip of the year with Jim. We headed over to Kent Lake in Milford Michigan. Water temperature was running 39 degrees when we arrived, and air temperature was 28 degrees. Launching the boat was a little difficult at the ramp as the lake was still...
  3. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    Detroit River fishing video summer of 2022. I may have run into one of you guys this day on the river. Any of you lose that favorite lure on a fish last June? You never know what you're going to catch on the Detroit River. This particular day was a great multi species day on the river...
  4. Out of State Fishing
    Here is a fishing trip Jim and I had last spring on Sandusky Bay. Looking forward to getting back out there. We were bass fishing, but it seemed like you had a bite almost every other cast with the catfish and junk fish mixed in. Sandusky Bay Fishing Video Click Here
  5. Out of State Fishing
    This is a trip from last year right after ice out on Hamilton Lake in Indiana. It was one of those quick morning fishing trips you sneak in. Water temperature was running low 40's. Umbrella rig and jerkbait were the only two lures that I got some bites on. Hamilton Lake Fishing Video Click...
  6. Warm Water Fishing Inland LP Lakes
    Here is the video from this past May. Fun day chasing smallmouth. The only downside was having that pike stick my hand with the treble hook. That was rather unpleasant with the pike still attached on the other treble hook. Lake Charlevoix Bass Fishing Video Click this Link
  7. Out of State Fishing
    It's not from the border, but out of state. I decided to scout out some new areas to fish at the western end of Lake Erie and the mouth of the Maumee River. I was able to locate a couple new places to fish in the future that were holding some bass. Maumee River and Lake Erie Video Click Here
  8. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    Has anyone had a chance of heading here yet? Thinking about making a trip there this weekend. Looks like a decent area from Google.
  9. Detroit River and Lake Erie
    I've been seemingly everywhere from downriver all the way to Luna Pier and can't seem to a decent spot. Zero luck at Huroc and Mouille even though everyone else seems to have okay luck at those places. The only decent places I've found are small ponds, but the are mostly some little guys. Any...
  10. General Discussion
    Anyone ever fish the small pond on the corner of Vining and Wick near the airport? Can't tell if it's fenced off or not. Might take a ride by this weekend to check it out. Coordinates: 42.241705, -83.370907
  11. Warm Water Fishing Inland LP Lakes
    My brother and I were hoping to try out the K-zoo River around Saugatuck launch. Just wondering if anyone could give some general advice. Some lures to try for bass and if it would be better to fish the main river area or the bayous. Thanks for any help.
  12. Warm Water Fishing Inland LP Lakes
    Yesterday I fished Morrison lake and accidentally left my rods on the roof of my vehicle when leaving. Once I arrived home and realized my rods were gone, I drove back to the boat launch and could not locate them. There was a fishing tournament on Morrison yesterday and I'm assuming that a...
  13. General Discussion
    Hi all, I just moved up here to Northern Michigan and recently bought a bass tracker. I grew up on Sanford lake and spent every afternoon out on what used to be a lake fishing. I have relocated to Gaylord and am looking for places to take my boat out safely and get into some nice smallmouth or...
  14. Out of State Fishing
    This place, Happy day lodge/camp (https://www.happydaylodge.com/) is a hidden jem, I am surprised there is not more reviews on Google map. Although it does take time to write reviews. Since we so much enjoyed our 1 week at the camp, it would be too selfish of me not to share... This is our 2nd...
  15. Fishing Stuff
    For those bass fishermen who enjoy fishing with rubber worms. These are all quality hooks. If I have to mail them, the buyer will have to pay me whatever the postage comes to on top of the fifteen bucks. I'll research that and let him know what that comes to if that's the case and he will...
    $15 USD
  16. Warm Water Fishing Inland LP Lakes
    Walloon Lake is beautiful lake to visit or fish. It's extremely busy in the summertime, so that is definitely something to consider when planning a trip. Bad weather conditions can keep lot of boaters off the lake and that's what I ran into on this particular fishing trip. If you're looking...
  17. Warm Water Fishing Inland LP Lakes
    Jim and I hit Lake Leelanau just a smidge early last May. We will try to have a little better timing in the future. Lakes up there it seems like such a small window of opportunity of hitting them right. Traverse City area has some many lakes and different types of fisheries. Planning on...
  18. Warm Water Fishing Inland LP Lakes
    What makes a great frog fishing lake to you? Have you ever fished this one before? I stumbled across this lake last June and wasn't expecting to find it in this part of the state. Best Frog Fishing Lake in Michigan Video
  19. Warm Water Fishing Inland LP Lakes
    Does anyone have any experience on Little Traverse Bay? I fished it 3rd week of June this year and it was way too early for the smallmouth. When should I be hitting the bay for when the bigger smallmouth move up? I'm thinking I may have just missed it by a week or two, but not sure. Little...
  20. .

    Saginaw Bay and its Tributaries
    Hey guys, I am wondering if anybody would be willing to share some advice on smallmouth fishing in the saginaw bay or river. Anything helps (locations of rock piles, what you've done in the past, bait selection, literally anything)
1-20 of 61 Results