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  1. GPS, GeoCaching, Outdoor Communications, Electroni
    LOOKING FOR HANDYMEN WHO WORK IN REMOTE AREAS A nationally recognized production company is looking for backcountry tradesmen, who live in or travel to remote areas and get things done the way they did a hundred years ago. If you’re a jack-of-all-trades type and work with your hands, day in...
  2. Our catch of the day, 12/29/04

    Mixed bag from the Florida Keys - sheepshead and mangrove snappers.
  3. Sheepshead, Florida Keys

    4lb. sheepshead, caught on shrimp, Florida Keys, December 2004
  4. Spotted seatrout, Florida Keys

    Caught in the Florida Keys on shrimp, December 2004.
1-4 of 4 Results