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  1. North - North East Michigan Streams and Rivers
    Michigan Out of Doors TV aired their trout opener episode featuring the AuSable river's Holy Waters. Skip ahead to the 13:00 minute mark for the trout fishing segment.
  2. North - North East Michigan Streams and Rivers
    Moved up to Oscoda area. I know this river can be good to you for steel if you know what you are doing. Trying to get to know the river and learn the ropes. Anyone willing to meet up and help a fellow fisherman out? It would be greatly appreciated. Tight lines!
  3. North - North East Michigan Streams and Rivers
    Looking to do some spring steelhead fishing on the AuSable, any tips? Spawn sacks on drift rigs?
  4. The Ausable

    I thought this would make a cool pic. It's near Mio. Many people know where this is just by looking.
  5. AuSable rainbow

    This is a 19" rainbow I caught using a rapala for big browns. I have caught (or lost) several other rainbows this size, but mostly our stretch of river is known for big browns.
  6. Creel of trout

    We also catch lots of brookies and an occasional rainbow along our frontage.
  7. AuSable browns

    Our stretch of river hold lunker browns. It is very common to catch them 16"-20" during any given day, and real hawgs, measured in pounds, are caught during the hex hatch every year by the serious fisherman. These are a couple I caught on a 4" floating Rapala.
  8. AuSable brown trout and morels

    We dont kill many trout, but each spring I have a ritual celebration meal of fresh trout and morels.
1-8 of 8 Results