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  1. Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting
    How long did it take you to get your first deer and how old were you? I am 25 now and just started seriously hunting this year but spent some time in the woods the previous 2 seasons as well. So my answer is ___ for how old and going on 3 years for my first but I hope to end that before the...
  2. moose antlers

    moose antlers
  3. moose antlers

    moose antlers
  4. moose antlers

    moose antlers
  5. Double drop tine antlers

    Antler sheds from Warren MI
  6. Deer 2010

    140 class
  7. Deer 2010

    power pole rubbed
  8. Deer 2010

    1st decoy buck sweet
  9. Brother Bucks Antlers

    I noticed that my recent 7-point's antlers were almost identical to the 5-point that I shot two years ago. I believe they have the same genetics.
  10. 15 pt. doe!

    A friends cousin shot this deer nearby. They field cleaned it, and it wasn't until the next day, when they discovered it was a doe with 15 pts. They saw it a few days before standing with a 4 pt (buck?), and thought it was strange that two bucks would be hanging out during the rut.
1-13 of 13 Results