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  1. Rifles
    Recently bought a CMP M1 Garand from 1945 and stupidly didn't take the offer for ammo when I bought it, completely forgetting about the shortage and how M1's generally can't shoot modern hunting loads. Everywhere, and I mean everywhere is sold out of 30-06. The CMP and other websites that sell...
  2. Firearms
    Show this weekend Nov 24-25 Surburban Showplace Novi
  3. Firearms
    February 3 & 4th Suburban Collection Showplace Novi
  4. Hunting Stuff
    Vintage Remington ammo. 20 gauge. $35 each, shipped. Buy both for $60 shipped. Paypal or Postal Money Order
  5. Lure Sporting Collectibles Show

    Lure Show Oct 6th Call For info Dean Sova (313)299-9533
1-5 of 5 Results