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  1. CL 1st, JL 2nd

    Gold Medallion and Sahara combo w/ CL's 1st Steel (27.5" buck), my 2nd (28.5" hen).
  2. Celebration

    about a 45lb tuna gaffed and onboard. the fight is over, though the muscles were still burning
  3. Dads Trophies

    Sydney and Nicholas are proud of dads fist deer for the season
  4. Hubbard Lake Ice Fishing

    Left to Right - FishFoote, Fishbomb and Fish Factor. Late winter catch at Hubbard Lake. Note the perch in the middle (Fish Factor's) is about as big as the walleye!
  5. Porky & Buck

    Took this Presque Isle buck in November 1992. I guess porkies & bucks don't always play well together.
  6. me and tiger

    me and tiger with the hogs.
  7. Firetiger and his 6lber

    Firetiger and walleyeman hit the river on 4/18 and here is one. it went 6 even
61-71 of 71 Results