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  1. duma and ben

    Two of the fellas that I went hunting with. Duma shot two one of which is seen in this picture. His son is in grade school, but we only rode out maybe 15 miles one way on a mild morning.
  2. caribou bull

    This is my biggest bull in the five years I have been hunting caribou... My general rule is what my dad taught me when I used to live in Michigan... "If its brown, its down." Meat's meat and you can't eat the antlers. Wish there had been room on the sled for these though. Maybe next yea
  3. ice conditions

    I have been feeling bad for those of you waiting for ice. Ours came in a little late this year, but here is basically what it looks like right now. This is Norton Bay going out into Norton Sound and then the Arctic Ocean. The Iditarod comes in across this bay into Koyuk.
  4. Meadow

    Meadow in Chugatch Park looking across to a glacier
  5. Alaska buck

    39" buck that fell to a jig and float combo in a deep hole
1-6 of 6 Results