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  1. 2012 8 point

    DNR aged 4.5 yrs old
  2. 2012 8 point

    DNR aged 4.5 yrs old
  3. 2007 8pt.

    10/03/07 8pt.
  4. Best Buck to date

    Best buck ever taken to date.
  5. 2003 bow season 8pt

    I got this 8pt on Oct 10, 2003 during a trip to Gladstone in the U.P. with my dad. He got another 8 point the same weekend.
  6. 1998 buck

    This buck I shot at 50 yards in thick stuff. He ran right to me and stood 15 yards away looking back from where he was shot. My stupid mossberg lodged the shell on discharge, and I was affraid to rack another in becouse he was so close and I might scare him. I waited what seemed like for ever and
1-12 of 13 Results