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  1. Rifles
    Recently bought a CMP M1 Garand from 1945 and stupidly didn't take the offer for ammo when I bought it, completely forgetting about the shortage and how M1's generally can't shoot modern hunting loads. Everywhere, and I mean everywhere is sold out of 30-06. The CMP and other websites that sell...
  2. Reloading
    I have some 357 Maximum brass available, some new, and some used. Also have used 357 mag, 300 savage, 32 Winchester Special, 35 Remington, 308, 30-06, and 44 magnum brass available. Please let me know if you are interested. I am new to this website so please forgive me if this should be posted...
  3. Whitetail Deer Habitat
    What is the standard gun blind to food plot distance? I am talking shooting with a 30-06. I know the closer the higher chances, but I am trying to reduce my exposure....what is the furthest you would position a permanent raised blind from a plot where you expect them to be? I have a great spot...
1-3 of 3 Results