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  1. South Dakota Whitetail 2006

    These are the last two of four deer for opening day in 2006. I saw the buck as we were coming back from lunch heading to the farm at a fence line on the far side of a pasture. The area has a lot of rolling hills so we drove into the pasture and my dad dropped me off and crawled up a hill and got wit
  2. 2006 MI Buck, Shiawassee Co.

    Taken in Shiawassee Co. in 2006. Shot out of a trophyline tree saddle.
  3. Two bucks getting along at a food plot/ feeding station.

    TTaken Dec 1-2, I guess the rut was over.
  4. 2006 bucks

    Taken Dec 1-2 2006, at upper food plot. I guess the fight over the ladies was over.
  5. Bow Deer 2006

    Shot in Colorado with a bow on September 24th 2006. He will gross over 200" and net near 190" as a typical 4x4 without counting brow points.
  6. Blaze October 2006

    Blaze October 2006
  7. Blaze October 2006

    Blaze October 2006
  8. Blaze October 2006

    Blaze-October 2006
  9. 2006 deer cam picture.

    2006 deer cam picture.
  10. 2006turkey

    2006 Spring Turkey
1-14 of 14 Results