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  1. Gutpile Nile 2002 8-Point

    This blonde buck 8-Point was taken at 14 yards on opening day of the 2002 Archery Season.
  2. May 2002 My First Steel

    Walked home in the rain. This is a hilarious picture but a great memory.
  3. 2002 6 point

    Dave (Member name: shorthair)with 2002 6 point, taken near Cadillac with trusty custom 7 mag.
  4. Metro Beach Pearchin!!!

    Metro Beach 12-16-2002 Caught the mostly on spikes and minnows.
  5. Buck & Doe

    These are the two deer I tagged during shotgun season this year. The buck is a 6pt. with an additional small nub on the left antler.
  6. 2002 Buck

    190# 8pt
  7. bowhunt 20002

    This buck I shot on Oct 18
  8. UP 'eyes

    Fishindave and friend with (2) 32" and 1 22" walleye taken from Mackinac county
  9. opening day

    A big thanks to Esox for putting me on this baby! Can't say where we got it . I don't know the lake at all. What a rush and the best part is she lives to bite another day!
1-15 of 15 Results