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  1. Boats and Watercraft
    16' aluminum Smokercraft for sale. It currently has a Mercury 20hp tiller. I believe the prop is spun because it will not get up on plane. The motor could use some tuning but Ive taken it out on Lake Erie and St. Claire to fish with no issues, other than speed. The aluminum hull had a hole in it...
  2. Used MEC 8567 Grabber 20 gauge progressive reloader

    Working condition unkown - sold with 12 gauge MEC 600 jr - both for $80. Shipping extra. I will meet you at a reasonble distance.
  3. 20 foot windmill pond aerator

    http://www.malibuwater.com/Windmills.php#windmill CK this out. The pump don't work but can be fixed. I fixed it once. I'm sellind my land that this is own and if someone wants this before the land gets sold it's $500. Come and take it down. It's just North of Harrison, MI.
  4. 20 minute hunt

    This buck was shot behind my house 20 minutes into the hunt. He came trotting in around 6:00 pm 10/20/02. I had a lucky shot to the right lung.
1-4 of 4 Results