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  1. 2013 1st Walleye

    2013 1st Walleye

    1st walleye in new boat
  2. 1st deer

    1st deer

  3. 1st DR eye

    1st DR eye

    1st DR eye
  4. Daryl's first deer

    Daryl's first deer

    Daryl's first deer
  5. Chris 2007

    Chris 2007

    12/15/2007 8 Point
  6. 1st Deer ever.

    1st Deer ever.

    This is the first deer I ever killed. It was opening day, November 15, of 1988 gun season. Got it with a slug from an OLD double-barrel K-Mart shotgun. I'm the ugly guy in the beard. The other guy is my oldest brother, Bill. Private land, Washtenaw County. For an 18-month old deer he was very plumb
  7. 11point 1st buck

    11point 1st buck

    11 point County: Lapeer Date: Nov. 4th Weight: 145 my 1st buck!!!!
  8. My 1st coyote

    My 1st coyote

    First time out predator hunting...took this one in Jenison, MI w/ my good friend Matt.
  9. 1st Turkey

    1st Turkey

    My first turkey harvested 5/17/04. It has a 10 3/4 beard, 1 1/4 spurs, and weighed in at 25 pounds.
  10. 1st Buck

    1st Buck

    My name is Jason. this is my first buck and my 2nd deer.
  11. 1st Musky 40" 2000

    1st Musky 40" 2000

  12. 1st coyote

    1st coyote

    shot on state land late december 2002 called in on rabbit sqeeler mouth call
  13. 1st squirrel of 03

    1st squirrel of 03

    1st squirrel of 03 two more came to the bag that afternoon
  14. Christopher's 1st Steel

    Christopher's 1st Steel

    Christopher's 27.5" Buck from local stream.
  15. 1st Musky

    1st Musky

    One from canada
  16. !st Steelhead

    !st Steelhead

    April 1971, My 1st Betsie R. Steely & 1st born - both beauties.