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  1. Ruger Project step 0

    Turning my stock ruger 22 into a tatical rifle that doesnt cost an arm and a leg to take to the range. Here is is stock. Just like any other 10/22
  2. Ruger Project step 1

    Added an archangel 5.56 stock. Was very easy to install and looks great. Added a pro mag angled fore-grip. Yes, i know those are supposed to be far forward on the rifle but it serves a purpose where it is. When "at the ready" the grip is parallel to the ground so I have a flat surface for
  3. Ruger Project Step 2

    Got a multi-reticle reflex sight - shows a dot w/ 2 arrows, a triangle, a smiley face and a skull. A total novelty but awesome no less. Also got two 32 rd mags, had to buy them directly from pro mag since Obummer put every firearm enthusiast into a panic.
  4. Ruger Project Step 3

    I got sick of looking at the skinny part of the barrel between the stock and "bayonet lug mount" and without the end piece it looked even worse. So i painted a section of high temp PVC, cut it to length and VUALA! faux supressor! looks a hell of a lot better and i think i can put any scope
1-4 of 4 Results