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  1. Icefishing Lk. St. Clair
    Like many of you, I’m getting desperate by now, to go do some ice fishing, and cabin fever is around the corner, if I don’t go soon (if I’m honest with myself, it is here already :eek: ). To make matters worse, I have some time off between Christmas and New Years and it doesn’t look like we will...
  2. Saginaw Bay and its Tributaries
    hello all. I have used big and more commonly use inline boards, I recently sold the pair of big plastic boards because they did not pull hard enough for me.ie to keep the main line tight at 1.2,1.4 ect ect. as most of the dads might understand I am and have been starting my young kids fishing...
  3. DAY 1 2014 OPENER

    DAY 1 2014 OPENER
  4. DAY 1 2014 OPENER

    DAY 1 2014 OPENER
  5. Team #1

  6. 2 FOR 1 PERCH ON HARNESS 8-5-11

    2 FOR 1 PERCH ON HARNESS 8-5-11
  7. camo puter pics

  8. Trapping_Fur_sale_stuff_004

    Charlie Kreiger Blueberry Picnic Year unknown
  9. Little Bay De Noc Walleye's November 2006 #1

    One nights catch of some nice eaters from the cold waters of Little Bay De Noc. Couldn't fit all of them on the bragging stick. What a great night, the northern lights were out and the full moon and the 'eyes were hungry. Oh, and the brown zebra mussel-infested trash bag put up one heck of a fight -
  10. Frankfort 6-25-06 #1

    Frankfort 6-25-06 #1
  11. 1

  12. 11-22-03 10pt

  13. king 1

    king 8-12
  14. net handling

    How not to net fish, see pier fishing thread in cold water fourm for more details.
    1 net
1-20 of 26 Results