Product Review- Arctic Armor Ice Fishing Suit

artic armorWell the recent visit of the arctic vortex gave me the chance to put the IDI Arctic Armor ice fishing suit to the test.  The arctic armor suits run a little large and the medium gives me plenty of room to layer depending on the conditions.   Make sure you contact them for a sizing chart before ordering.

There are generous pockets both inside and out with inside pockets useful for keeping wax worms or a cell phone warm.  Clever cut outs in the bibs give you access to your wallet if you are carrying it under the suit.  The suit has excellent wind breaking and water shedding ability.

arctic armor

Pant Leg

I knelt in the water from a newly cut hole and didn’t get wet.  Knee padding is also generous.  The bibs also have a unique seal that goes around your legs at ankle level which is nice while walking through slush and I’m sure is also functional in the flotation ability of the suit (more on this later).  The bibs also have a nice belt and buckle on the outside of the ankles to pull tight to keep the leg bottoms tight around your boots.   A location is provide to use a belt around the waist on the bibs to snug things up if needed.

The parka has draw strings at strategic locations to keep everything sealed up against the wind. The hood could use a little more adjust-ability and options to seal it up better against the wind.  Velcro at the wrists allows the parka to be tightened there to keep the elements out.

Given the excellent wind breaking ability of this suit, I also tested it snowmobiling and it kept me very warm in temperatures down to 10 degrees.   The suit utilizes 3 layers of thermal insulator Insultex® to keep the sportsman very warm.  Arctic Armor would also be a great option for late fall or early spring soft water fishing, which leads me to the most outstanding feature of this suit…. it floats!   While I didn’t dare test this, many others have and you can check out video testimonies here.

Arctic ArmorInsultex® seems to be a very efficient insulator as the suit does not feel bulky at all.   According to the IDI website – This new cellular structured fabric is truly revolutionary. It’s proven that air is the best Insulation and Insultex® incorporates countless micro air cells. These individual pockets trap air and do not allow it to escape. This is the key to keeping people warm. Insultex® simply reflects the body’s radiant heat back to the body. Other properties possessed by Insultex® include being very thin, lightweight, flexible, waterproof, windproof and buoyant.

A factual example of the efficiency of Insultex® is as follows:

  • 1 layer of Insultex® protects a person to –25º C (-13º F)
  • 1 square yard of Insultex® is 0.021 inches thick and weighs 0.42 oz.
  • 8.8 oz. of Insultex® can float approx. 287 lbs. of body weight
  • Insultex® has a melting point of 194°F
  • Insultex® material can be sewn and/or laminated
  • Multiple layers of Insultex® can be used to provide practically unlimited levels of insulation

Insultex® is the newest thermal insulation on the market and promises to revolutionize insulation as we know it. This incredible material Arctic Armorcan be used in outerwear, gloves, hats, pants, tents, sleeping bags, coolers, boots, swimsuits, blankets, comforters; just about anything that would benefit from it’s remarkable insulating or buoyant qualities.

All in all, I think this is a great suit for the money and compares very favorably with other suits with floatation ability at a fraction of the price.

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  1. WHITE-DEER-SLAYER // January 20, 2014 at 6:58 pm // Reply

    Only problem with the company is POOR customer service. My brother, his gf, my gf and myself all own a suit. I had troubles with stitching on the front bib pockets, so i called the company. They called me back and said that there really is no way that it could have been caused by a poor sew job. Then proceeded to tell me that they can’t do anything and to just take it to get it sewn. Brother had a problem with a zipper on the top coat. They once again proceeded to say that it had to be from stress or being to rough with it. Well thats not the case and these suits are made for ICE FISHING not sitting on the couch. We have came to the conclusion that when we get a new suit not 1 of us will deal with idi gear again. To many nice suits that float now and much better customer service at other companies!!!!

  2. WHITE-DEER-SLAYER // January 29, 2014 at 5:27 pm // Reply

    Your welcome!

  3. My suit has a nylon liner and retains dampness if I sweating. I see they changed the liner its cloth now.

  4. I had a problem with the zipper on one of the legs of the bibs. Had to go out with only the buttons buttoned. Kept me very warm, the best I have ever had, and I fish all year long on Saginaw Bay. All of a sudden the zipper problem was gone!!! Don’t know how or why but it fixed itself. I called the company as well, and my customer service was pretty good. I would have had to send it in but still pretty good. I will buy more for my family.

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