Covert Special Ops Code Black Product Review

Code Black

Code Black

Well just when you thought Covert Scouting Cameras had done it all, they outdid themselves. This year’s wireless cell capable model is the “Black Ops”.  Not only does this camera send you picture over cellular service live as it takes them but it features great trigger speed, sensitivity, and a non visible flash.

Per Covert Scouting Cameras, the specs are:

– 8MP Color CMOS = 3-5-8 MP photo resolutions
– 60’ Invisible infrared flash range
– Up to 8GB SD/SDHC card
– Takes pictures or video
– Adjustable picture resolution:
— 8MP
— 5MP
— 3MP
— Wireless=640×480 = adjustable
– Adjustable video resolution:
— high= 640×480 (16fps)
— low= 320×240 (20fps)
– Trigger speed 1.2sec
– Interval 1sec-60min
– Photo burst 1-3 images
– Adjustable PIR sensitivity (low, med, high)
– Date/Time/Temperature / Moon Phase stamp
– Built-in Color Viewer
– Operates on 4, 8, or 12 AA batteries
– Password protected
– Features MossyOak Infintiy
– Overwrite selection ( if selected, will overwrite the oldest photo with the newest after card is filled to capacity. Great for security monitoring)

Now for my Special Ops Code Black Product Review.  Undoubtedly, the most outstanding feature of this camera is the flash, or the lack thereof. The first thing I did with this camera was to put it in a pitch black room and force the camera to take a picture. I could see no trace of light come from this camera! I feel the deer will probably have just as hard of time detecting this camera.

Special Ops Code Black camera reviewSince the camera accepts up to 12 batteries, I decided to test it with standard alkaline batteries (more on battery life later). All the setup is done through easy to navigate menus accessible via the buttons on the panel opposite the battery compartment. Gone is the remote control navigation of the menus in last year’s model. I find this much easier to use and loosing the remote makes for one less this to misplace.

I purchased a GoPhone SIM card to push the pictures to me with MMS. The card cost about $20 to buy from AT&T and pay as you go service for 200 messages is $5.  If you’re getting a “login failed” failure code your sim might be locked to your phone.   If this is the case, put your SIM card back into the phone and contact AT&T and they will take care of you.  The SIM card inserts easily on the side as shown in the picture below. Another improvement in this camera over last year’s model is the ease with which the cell service is setup on the camera. It is literally as easy as putting an SD card the camera, downloading the setup utility from the camera to the card, then putting the SD card into a PC and selecting your cell carrier. All the other cellular parameters such as the email addresses and cell phone numbers that you would like the photos sent to are easily setup on this utility on a computer (no typing needed on the camera itself).

Special Ops Code Black camera review

Special Ops Code Black camera

I setup the camera to send me the pictures immediately as a text message to the phone and to two email addresses. I cranked the sensitivity to the max as I’d rather get the occasional false trigger than to miss a picture.

This camera is very sensitive. The shot below captured a fawn at at least 40 feet on a 90 degree day!

Special Ops Code Black camera

The next picture below is one the camera got of me watering some Egyptian Wheat at 50 feet plus on a day in the mid 90’s. Did I say sensitive?

Special Ops Code Black camera

As I mentioned earlier, I deployed this camera with 12 regular alkaline batteries. During a month’s worth of work, the camera clicked over 600 pictures and sent over 300 of these via the cell transmitter. When I checked the batteries after all of this the camera was still indicating that they had full charge. I have a feeling this set will last me long into the late summer.

If you are looking for a camera that not only sends you pictures wirelessly on the cheap but also has excellent sensitivity and trigger speed the Covert Special Ops Code Black is for you.


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  1. If you go to an AT&T store, they will give you an Unlocked sim card for free, no need to purchase.

    I see the 2013 version of this camera also has 12MP capability also.

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