What is it with Our Fascination with Large Fish?

What is it with our fascination of large fish? Is it a fear factor of not knowing what’s down below? Man has a natural instinct to fear large predators dating back to dinosaur times. I’m guessing T-rex had a lot to do with that. You’d think by now after having fire for over a million years we’d overcome our fear of the unknown and not be scared of any predators. After reports of a man being rescued by a bear from a mountain lion attack I guess we should still retain some of that caution. When you catch one of these big fish the feeling is of exhilaration and great joy. As, I’m sure, you would feel after winning a lottery. Is this because you’ve eliminated a large predator from the system or because the fish put up a good fight and was an enjoyable experience?

I think it’s more about things going right at the right time. The moment of truth so to speak much like hunting when game is spotted and the decision to harvest is made. The moment of truth when the trigger is pulled is much like netting a trophy fish. Everything has to go right and decisions are made in a split second that could affect the outcome of shooting or netting.

When there’s a report of a large fish caught everyone wants to see a picture. Put a mental record on some unbelievable statistics.

A 50” musky.

A 15.9 pound walleye that you netted yourself.

All these fish are large and some caught right here in the Detroit River. So…

Get Outdoors Downriver.

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